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Scott Maki
Operations Manager

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Premium Plant Services is the leading industrial cleaning company in the Midwest. We provide various cleaning methods ranging from hydroblasting, sponge blasting, sand blasting, dry ice blasting, chemical cleaning, and industrial vacuum services. We are committed to our employees, by providing competitive benefits and pay. We are seeking hard working and self-motivated laborers that are looking for a unique and rewarding career to join our team. Hydroblasting is a general labor role that can be both challenging and dirty and requires you to work in difficult positions for extended periods of time. Hydroblasting requires you to be willing to travel and be open to learning new skills. If you are someone who enjoys a challenge and wants to experience something new and exciting, hydroblasting is the career path for you.


 We are committed to investing in each individual employee by providing opportunities to encourage professional and personal development, as well as by prioritizing safety standards across the company.

We give our employees what they need to succeed, and in return, they are expected to show up each day with a positive attitude and the motivation to go above and beyond to the best of their abilities. A grounding in humility and gratitude is as important as the technical knowledge required to complete the job.

We provide a competitive compensation and benefits package and offer employees a high degree of flexibility and autonomy to allow them to achieve personal goals.


At Premium, we strive to be professional in everything we do. To us, this looks like being experts in our field, being proactive and taking initiative in any given situation, and being respectful in our day-to-day interactions with clients and co-workers.

Our employees have a strong sense of ownership in the work they are doing, which shows in their timeliness, neatness of appearance, and high level of personal accountability. They are constantly looking for ways to develop successful outcomes for both colleagues and customers.


We strive to build a team that works with each other – not for each other. This looks like working toward common goals and fostering an environment of transparency and trust through open communication throughout the organization. We know we have a difficult job, yet we make it a point to have fun, be creative and maintain high energy.

We are quick to take ownership of our mistakes and seek to grow from them. We are confident enough to speak up and embrace change and innovation. We are effusive with praise and seek to highlight the success of others. We emphasize the “we” and not the “I.”

Primary Contact
Scott Maki
Operations Manager
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