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River Valley Capital Group has become a regional leader in truck and trailer sales, leasing, financing and insurance.  As a locally owned Dubuque company, we’ve grown from 10 employees last year to over 40 presently and we are expanding rapidly as the trucking market has rebounded from the 2008 recession.  Trucking accounts for nearly 70% of the freight moved annually throughout the United States and is a $660 billion dollar industry and is only getting bigger. 

Our company provides services to trucking companies, businesses, and individual owner/operators. We have clients throughout the country and our clients continue to grow.  With that unprecedented growth comes the need to hire more professionals to help us continue this growth we are experiencing.

We are first and foremost a family-oriented company.  Dave Kordell, our company president, started this company over 10 years ago and takes a personal interest in every one of his employees.  It is not uncommon to find Dave with us on our building’s back deck at 4 PM on Friday afternoons celebrating our successes over the past week.  Our family friendly environment encourages you to get to your child’s ball games, school events, and to your medical and dental appointments.  Our philosophy?  If you have your family and personal life taken care of, you’ll be better able to focus on your work.  In addition, our corporate offices are brand new, and the workplace, while fast-paced, is very friendly and everyone is treated as a valued member of the team, contributing to our success.  Our business casual environment enables you to work and produce at the top of your game.  We have a second-to-none environment built for success. 

Come join our growing team of professionals.  You’ll find that we offer above average compensation, fantastic benefits including vacation and sick leave at your time of hire, and at least seven paid holidays per year.  The company pays for your short term and long term disability and life insurance.  We also offer voluntary benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance, AFLAC, and an IRA that is matched by the company.  You’d be hard pressed to find better benefits in a small company like ours.

Christa Kalb
Human Resources Manager
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