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Business Education Teacher 24-25 School year

Dubuque Community School District

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Posted On 03/06/2024

Job Overview

Position Title: Teacher

Minimum Educational Requirements:
Valid Iowa Teaching License with proper endorsement
Mandatory training in Child Abuse Reporting

Desirable Experience Requirements:
One to three years teaching experience, highly desirable

Organizational Demographics:
Recruitment and Employment: Executive Director of Human Resource Services and

Reports to: Principal
Consults with: Principal, staff, and parents

Basic Function:
The successful candidate is a student-centered teacher with excellent classroom
management skills, is able to work with students with a wide-range of abilities
and interests in the regular classroom and who can provide evidence of successful
collaboration with other adults to make classroom learning an active and
meaningful experience for all students.

Core Teaching Requirements:
Demonstrates ability to enhance academic performance and support for implementation
of the school district’s student achievement goals.

The teacher:
a. Provides evidence of student learning to students, families, and staff.
b. Implements strategies supporting student, building, and district goals.
c. Uses student performance data as a guide for decision making.
d. Accepts and demonstrates responsibility for creating a classroom culture that supports
the learning of every student.
e. Creates an environment of mutual respect, rapport, and fairness.
f. Participates in and contributes to a school culture that focuses on improved student
g. Communicates with students, families, colleagues, and communities effectively and
Demonstrates competence in content knowledge appropriate to the teaching position.

The teacher:
a. Understands and uses key concepts, underlying themes, relationships, and different
perspectives related to the content area.
b. Uses knowledge of student development to make learning experiences in the content
area meaningful and accessible for every student.
c. Relates ideas and information within and across content areas.
d. Understands and uses instructional strategies that are appropriate to the content area.
Demonstrates competence in planning and preparing for instruction.

The teacher:
a. Utilizes student achievement data, local standards, and the district curriculum in
planning for instruction.
b. Sets and communicates high expectations for social, behavioral, and academic
success of all students.
c. Uses students’ developmental needs, background, and interests in planning for
d. Selects strategies to engage all students in learning.
e. Uses available resources, including technologies, in the development and sequencing
of instruction.
Uses strategies to deliver instruction that meet the multiple learning needs of students.

The teacher:
a. Uses research-based instructional strategies that address the full range of cognitive
b. Aligns classroom instruction with local standards and district curriculum.
c. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness in adjusting instruction to meet student
d. Engages students in varied experiences that meet diverse needs and promote social,
emotional, and academic growth.
e. Connects students’ prior knowledge, life experiences, and interests in the instructional
f. Uses available resources, including technologies, in the delivery of instruction.
Uses a variety of methods to monitor student learning.

a. Aligns classroom assessment with instruction.
b. Communicates assessment criteria and standards to all students and parents.
c. Understands and uses the results of multiple assessments to guide planning and
d. Guides students in goal setting and assessing their own learning.
e. Provides substantive, timely, and constructive feedback to students and parents.
f. Works with other staff and building and district leadership in analysis of student

Demonstrates competence in classroom management.

The teacher:
a. Creates a learning community that encourages positive social interaction, active
engagement, and self-regulation for every student.
b. Establishes, communicates, models, and maintains standards of responsible student
c. Develops and implements classroom procedures and routines that support high
expectations for learning.
d. Uses instructional time effectively to maximize student achievement.
e. Creates a safe and purposeful learning environment.
Engages in professional growth.

The teacher:
a. Demonstrates habits and skills of continuous inquiry and learning.
b. Works collaboratively to improve professional practice and student learning.
c. Applies research, knowledge, and skills from professional development opportunities
to improve practice.
d. Establishes and implements professional development plans based upon the teacher
needs aligned to the Iowa Teaching Standards and district/building student
achievement goals.
Fulfills professional responsibilities established by the school district.

The teacher:
a. Adheres to board policies, district procedures, and contractual obligations.
b. Demonstrates professional and ethical conduct as defined by state law and individual
district policy.
c. Contributes to efforts to achieve district and building goals.
d. Demonstrates an understanding of and respect for all learners and staff.
e. Collaborates with students, families, colleagues, and communities to enhance student

Other Requirements:
Ability to lift, push and pull up to 50 lbs.
Ability to sit, stand, walk and climb stairs
Perform other duties as assigned
Demonstrate a commitment to multicultural gender - fair policies and practices
Model to students and peers a commitment to appropriate public behavior toward
all students, workplace, colleagues and the public

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The Dubuque Community School District reorganized in the early 1960's with the surrounding rural area and now serves a population of over 70,000. Presently, we have a student enrollment of approximately 10,120 students. A total staff of 2,522 employees (including 959 certified teachers, counselors and nurses) is presently employed by the Dubuque Community School District. The geographical area the Dubuque District serves is over 245 square miles and the District provides school bus transportation approximately 5,000 students each day.

Eighteen school buildings are utilized to house our educational program: two high schools, one alternative learning center, three middle schools, and twelve K-5 elementary schools. Other facilities are provided for transportation, maintenance, cafeteria, and administration.

Dubuque Public Schools provide a basic curriculum designed to meet the educational needs of children. Special programs include Title I, Learning Resource Services, Special Education, Talented and Gifted, and At-Risk.