Contract Report

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Expired up to 15 Days Ago

Company NameContract OwnerExpiration Date
Hodge CompanyGDDC09/26/2022
Dubuque Community School DistrictGDDC09/30/2022
Dubuque County50-5009/30/2022
O'Connor & Thomas PC50-5009/30/2022

Expires in 15 Days

Company NameContract OwnerExpiration Date
Bimbo Bakeries USA50-5010/06/2022
Area Residential Care50-5010/08/2022
The New Eagle Group50-5010/11/2022
Union-Hoermann Press50-5010/11/2022
Duluth Trading Company50-5010/13/2022
Wagner Nursery Inc.50-5010/15/2022
Advance Pump & Equipment Inc50-5010/18/2022
River Valley Capital Group50-5010/19/2022
University Of Wisconsin-Platteville50-5010/20/2022

Expires in 15-30 Days

Company NameContract OwnerExpiration Date
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeGDDC10/21/2022
Hartig DrugGDDC10/26/2022
Noah's Ark Child Development Center50-5010/26/2022
Blackrock Fabrication50-5010/28/2022
M & M Sales50-5010/29/2022
GreenState Credit Union50-5010/31/2022
Grand Opera House50-5011/02/2022

Expires in 31-45 Days

Company NameContract OwnerExpiration Date
Five Flags Center50-5011/08/2022
Eide Bailly50-5011/11/2022
Diamond Jo CasinoTH11/12/2022
Klauer Manufacturing Company50-5011/13/2022
Grand River Medical Group50-5011/15/2022
XLSpecialized Trailers50-5011/17/2022
Propulse® A Schieffer Co.50-5011/18/2022